Vacationing in Niseko and Exploring Hokkaido


When on vacation in Niseko on Japan’s northern Hokkaido Island, many are there to ski or snowboard. The area is well known for its many ski resorts featuring thrilling slopes and runs for both beginners and experienced skiers. While some on vacation are more than happy to spend their entire time skiing and snowboarding and taking in the restaurants and atmosphere of the resorts, others may want to take Niseko day trips to nearby towns in Hokkaido to experience a wider variety of the Japanese culture offered throughout the region.

While vacationing in Niseko, vacationers can decide how they want to spend their time. There are ski and snowboard lessons available for both kids and adults for anyone who is not confident out on the slopes. Continue reading

The Perfect Ride for My Sister’s Wedding Day


When my sister told me that she was getting a party bus for her wedding party, I wasn’t sure why. I knew that we all had to get from the church to the reception site with a couple of stops in between, but I had just figured we would all drive our own selves there. She told me that she had looked at a Platinum party bus in Toronto after seeing one pass her on the street, and she was really happy for that chance encounter with it. Otherwise, she never would have looked and realized just how nice they are.

When she first told me a bus, I thought that she was talking about a bus like kids take to school. I figured it would look a little different on the outside, but a bus really cannot change how it looks on the inside by much. I have ridden on enough different ones to know just how true that statement is. Continue reading

A Relaxing Time in Ottawa


I hate traveling on public transportation. It’s like being crammed in to a can like a sardine. People always try to bother you on the train. One guy tried to sell me some cheap headphones once while I was riding. I don’t know where he got the headphones, or if they had been stolen, but I wasn’t about to buy any. A few months ago, I took a trip to Ottawa by car and my car broke down once I got into town. Rather than taking public transportation, I rented a limousine in Ottawa that would take me wherever I wanted to go.

My family asked me why I didn’t just rent a regular car instead of a limousine. A car would have been the more economical choice, but it wouldn’t have felt as good. I was taking the trip as a personal vacation, so I wanted to feel as relaxed as possible. The limo really made me fell as if I was getting away from everything, and made me forget all about my car that had broken down. Continue reading

Getting More Info on Car Hires at Aberdeen Airport


I am flying out in a few days, so I looked to find more info about hiring a specific type of car from the Aberdeen Airport. I like to have all my ducks in a row when I have to travel for business. I really do not like it in the first place, so if I have to do it, I want it to go smoothly. One thing that really ruins the trip is having difficulty hiring the type of car I need at the destination.

I work for a fossil fuel exploration company, and I need a sturdy SUV for some trips. On other trips I need a luxury sedan due to having to take a VIP with me wherever I go. When I schedule with a car hire agency, I do not want any substitutions when I arrive to pick up my car. On one occasion I was offered an upgrade to a very nice sedan, but I needed an SUV. That was no help thus making me very aggravated. Continue reading

Being in Aspen Together is Amazing

I was looking at luxury cabin rentals in Aspen for my husband and I, but I came across something that changed my mind on our private getaway. I originally was just looking for a one bedroom cabin for the two of us for a weekend, but then I decided to involve the entire family. When I say entire, I mean the two of us, our two kids, my parents, his parents, my sister and her husband and daughter, and his sister and her husband and son. Altogether, there was 15 of us, so I was not sure if it was even possible for us all to make plans to go there together.

What made me think of this was the six bedroom rental I found. Continue reading

Import Goods for Cheap at Airports

There’s a perk for flying as frequently as I do. It’s not only the frequent flyers miles that I manage to rack up. No, it’s the fact that every airport is basically it’s own self contained city with its own rules. For some people this means being able to purchase Frankfurt Duty Free goods. Tax free luxury goods is the best way to buy these goods outside of chartering a private plane to pick up items outside the country for you. That’s always an option, an expensive one to say the least, but if you’re looking for goods that are easy to find your best bet is to find them in an airport.

This can be anything from goods that are made in Frankfurt itself. You can buy these items without paying the ridiculous import taxes that you would otherwise be forced to spend. Continue reading

Looking for the Best Cruiser for Traveling Coastal Waters and Rivers

We were looking for a boat that could navigate our river system all the way down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. From there we were going to navigate the coastal and intracoastal waterways of Florida to get over to the eastern seaboard. From our back yard where the river is at, you can navigate about 25,000 miles of waterways. This includes canal access from the rivers into the Great Lakes now. We were shopping for power boats for sale to fit our needs.

We wanted a cruiser with separate cabins for guests. We needed a large galley and a fully enclosed saloon for entertaining. We also wanted a large swim deck and a fly deck. Continue reading

Celebrating My Freedom with Friends

When my wife left me for another man, I could have never imagined the pain that I would feel. I was miserable for weeks, trying to even understand what was happening in my life. My best friend finally snapped me out of it though, and I realized that I was mourning for a woman who betrayed me. I was angry, disappointed, hurt, and bitter, but then I was happy. I realized I was starting with a clean slate. That is when I decided to rent a Diamond limo party bus.

What was the occasion? There wasn’t one. Why did I do this? Simply because I could. I felt a freedom that I hadn’t experienced since I had started dating my ex. Those around me saw how she was changing me, and I was finally seeing it too. Continue reading

We’re Getting Married in Style

I was never one of those girls that planned out her future wedding. I don’t think I thought about marriage at all as a child or young adult, my passion was always music and it always came first. So when my boyfriend of four years asked me to marry him, I was of course thrilled but also a little terrified. I didn’t know anything about weddings. Lucky for me I had an amazing man to help me plan. We decided to go nontraditional, our bridal party would show up in a bunch of party buses in Toronto. His tuxedo and my dress would both me a deep lavender. I would walk down the aisle to all the single ladies after which, he would put a ring on it.

We got some aghast looks from older relatives when we told them our plans. My elderly aunt even compared our nuptials to a sideshow. The thing is though, we are kind of a side show in our own way so that sort of works. Continue reading

A Relaxing Ride in the Back Seat

Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a little reward. Some people like to spend a weekend at the spa, getting a full body massage and sitting in the sauna. Others like to take a vacation in a far off place. For me, my reward comes in the form of a limo ride. There is a company that can rent a limo for Toronto residents and whenever I feel like treating myself, I rent one and just ride around in it. I don’t really have a particular destination in mind, I just want to sit back and relax in the back of the limo.

To me, riding in the limo is like riding on a cloud made of leather. Continue reading

Working on a Budget for a Party

The wedding is not until next spring, but Mike’s friends have already started talking about the bachelor party. We started to work on the process this morning, there are four of us on the committee and we are working to figure out how best to employ the budget that we have. I went to the web page of a place called Platinum Party Buses where they let you view our site for party buses and you can get an idea of what they can offer you. Basically they can rent you a party bus with a capacity from thirty five to fifty people. Obviously they have a bunch of limousines and limo vans as well, so if you want to use any combination of them that can be arranged. Continue reading

What Can You Use a Party Bus for Other Than Parties?

Groups of people that need to get from Point A to Point B can’t go wrong when a Toronto party bus rental is involved. This is the classy way to get around. Regular limos are super nice. Party buses add a few more “supers” to the nice. You do not have to crawl in and out of them. Therefore, your party clothes, tuxes or gowns do not get wrinkled and ruffled. You also have plenty of legroom in a party bus. No cramped close-quarter feelings either. A party bus is open and inviting. Sure, a limo is great for an intimate ride with your love, but a party bus is what you want when there is a group.

Party buses can be small, medium and large. You can fit upwards of 50 or 60 people in the big ones. Continue reading

Other Good Reasons Why Renting a Party Bus for a Wedding is a Good Idea

Safety in transporting party-goers is paramount. Many parties involve the serving of alcohol. Having a professional driver at the helm is much better than just relying on a designated driver. In my own personal experience I have had a designated driver fail to remain sober. It was when my wife and I got married. The best man was supposed to drive us to the hotel after the reception. He was intoxicated before a couple of hours went by. I stopped drinking years ago, but I do recommend a party bus rental for Toronto for anyone who will be having a wedding party imbibe.

Also, a party bus is a big vehicle built on a truck chassis. It is solid and heavy. Simple laws of physics tell me that is a good thing when out on the road. Having mass on your side if an accident were to occur is a good thing. Continue reading

We Took a Weekend Trip to Toronto

There was a CFL game between Montreal and Toronto on Monday night, obviously you may have seen it on TSN. However that was just an excuse to take off on a trip. The whole thing was organized by a friend of my boss, I do business with him regularly. He got divorced a few months ago and since then he has been running wild. He hired one of those places that does party bus rentals for Toronto and drove about seventy people up to the game. They had to have two buses, because one of them will hold at most around forty five people. I think the second one was not quite as big as the first one, but it was still pretty big and it was just as nice. I was on the first bus and of course all of the people on it were taking advantage of all of the free booze. Continue reading

I Found the Perfect Place to Stay for a Couple of Days

Driving through Alabama was really nice. I had never been there before, but I sure liked the area as I traveled through in my car. After getting a little bit road bleary on my drive through, I decided to figure out where I could sleep for the night. I did not know anything about the hotels and motels in Cullman where I was traveling through, but I pulled over to the side of the road and just did a quick search on my cell phone.

The place I ended up staying for the night was a nice bed and breakfast. I had always heard of them, but never stayed in one. I always assumed that I would do that one day when I was married and had children. I figured it would be nice for a honeymoon or a family vacation. But I was sure glad that I found the place I was staying in. Continue reading

Taking a Tour of the Stars’ Homes

When my best friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to Beverly Hills, it took me all of three seconds to say yes. It only took that long because I was not expecting that question! We are both enthralled with the way the other half lives, particularly the stars that we see on TV and hear on the radio just about every day. Though she was going there on business, I knew that we were going to fit in a Beverly Hills tour before we left. I planned on spending the day at the hotel spa while she did her business, but then the next two days were ours to do whatever we wanted. Continue reading

Started to Think About Our Holiday Plans

I am not sure how practical an idea this is, but Leigh and I have been thinking about taking about three weeks this year and going on an extended holiday. Of course we have been going on vacation for years and usually it is some place relatively close. Last year we went to Canada, did a week in the Pacific Northwest part of Canada, took a scenic rail trip. This year we are thinking about something epic. This friend of mine showed me some pictures from a place called Queenstone Lodge, this it here Continue reading

Started Traveling a Lot More Lately

It is not as though I am a global traveler now, but I have definitely become a lot more of a vagabond since I started my new job. I have a territory and it covers all of the New England area. I have to get a passport as they are going to send me across the border on occasion. I am not sure that you need it if you just go across the border every now and then, but I am going to be crossing back and forth, so it is going to be a lot better if I make that go away. It is going to be easy enough. You just have to figure out where you go to get the passport. Continue reading

Going to Yellowstone National Park

I homeschool my children, and part of the fun of that is actually exploring the world instead of sitting in a classroom just reading about it. For one class last year, we all decided that we would go to Yellowstone National Park. The kids had just learned about Old Faithful and had seen pictures, and they were anxious to see it in person. I decided to look up Cody Wyoming hotels online to see if I would be able to find a good deal on a room for the four of us, and i found just that.

There is a hotel there called Moose Creek Lodge and Suites, and they had a room that has three queen size beds in it. I knew that the girls would have shared a bed, but this was even better. Continue reading

Looking into a Safari Trip This Summer

Of course I actually think it would be Winter in the Southern Hemisphere from what they say, but I believe the weather is usually pretty warm down in South Africa all year around. I do not know what the temperature variation is down there, but it seems like the hot season would be what you would want to avoid. I was checking out the price of an accommodation in Hoedspruit, which seems to be one of the better places to stay from what research I have done into the topic. The big thing we are thinking about is the actual getting there. It is not clear how you would do it, but it would obviously take a long time to fly all the way over there and I am sure that it would be quite expensive no matter what. Continue reading

Pricing out a Big Holiday Trip

Of course like every other person I have a budget for every thing that I do, although I usually sort of figure stuff out on the fly. In this case I am going to have to sit down and do the math, because it is going to be a pretty fair chore to arrange this trip and it is not as though I want to make a mess of it. I have been looking at the cost of holiday houses in NZ and the cost of the air fare from here to there. Of course both of those things are very important and you have to look at the time involved as well. First you have to get to Los Angeles, which is not a short trip from here in North Carolina. Continue reading

Escaping from the Stress of Work

Being able to get away from it all is what I look forward to every year. With the constant pressure to perform well at work riding on my shoulders it has become more important with each passing year that I find some kind of outlet that will give me a few days of peace and quiet. That’s why I use Bookabach when I need to escape and escape is exactly what I do. As an American, I like to do something different than what most of my fellow Americans do. See, for most of us we tend to stay within the realm of the United States. Not me, sir. Not me.

I like to get as far away as possible as I can from the United States. Don’t get me wrong; I love it here! I wouldn’t trade my home for any other country in the world but there is no doubt that living here can be a stressful experience thanks to the capitalist drive of the free market demanding more from us financially. Continue reading