Thinking About Whether or Not I Can Afford a Trip to New Zealand

Thinking about whether or not I can afford a trip to New Zealand right now. It is not a small thing and it would involve a lot of planning for me to be able to pull it off. As an example if i wanted to go down to Orlando and see that mouse kingdom, I could go hop on a plane and be down there in about three hours I suppose. In this case I can figure out what the cost would be for air fare and for Greenstone lodge Queenstown accommodation in New Zealand, but the time is a big deal too. I do not have an unlimited amount of time I could devote to this trip and it really does not seem as though you want to do something like this in a big rush. It is likely to be a once in a lifetime type of adventure, so why go scurrying through it as though your butt was on fire.

I have not sat down to look at the airline schedules yet, but my guess is that it takes a long time to get there from here. I do a search for LAX to New Zealand and that gives me a price range, it is going to be North of a thousand dollars for a round trip, upwards to fourteen hundred I suppose. My guess is that you do not want to get the coach seats on that flight either. A web page I found lists the travel time for New Zealand as just under 14 hours, flying from LA. I would have to get across the country to get to LAX and then when I got to New Zealand (I would guess it would be Wellington or Auckland), then I would have to get to the final destination.

Choosing to Travel by Greyhound Bus Across Country

I go every year across the country to visit relatives. On my vacation I take the bus to see the countryside. I could fly out, but I like going by bus. I also save a lot by booking in advance and using promo codes for Greyhound Bus Lines that I find online. I go from one coast to the other one. Sure, it takes a couple of days of traveling, but I like it. I actually book the longest routes I can take while still saving money. A lot of times you can save more by being routed indirectly. I don’t mind that. I am looking to do more sightseeing.

I schedule stops where I can rent a cheap place to stay. I will explore a town or city I have never seen. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get to my relatives. I usually stay for a few days and head back toward home. The return leg is often longer than my trip out. I plan it that way. Continue reading

Going to Take the Winter off

It was merely happenstance. I needed a girlfriend or I wanted a girlfriend. The old one dumped, although the blame was entirely my own. At least she says that I was looking at other girls, which I probably was being that I am a man. That caused her to fly into a rage. Apparently one of her friends was quite happy to see this it seemed. A few days later she ran into me, at the place where you would run into me easily, the school library. She asked me what I thought about holidays in spain, which is something I had not really thought too much about. Continue reading

Started Planning Our Next Vacation

Of course we have a general idea of what we are going to do, but specific agreement is a long way off at this point. It appears that we might go to Paros in the Cyclades Islands, because that is a good compromise. Ann Marie will do her yoga in greece and I will get to do some scuba diving. Of course the two of us will have to decide whether or not there will be more to it. If we go to Greece and the Greek Isles it will probably be for around three weeks or maybe even a month. We have no one holding us back and we have saved up enough money for traveling. It is just a matter of deciding how to go about it. Of course we are thinking about all of the variables and how it is going to be done.

It is going to cost us a fair amount of money, that much is obvious. However it is not going to be anything luxurious. We figure that it is nice and warm there, but we should be able to make do by renting a little cottage and maybe a couple of Vespas, those little motor scooters that you see. We will not be renting a villa or anything like that, although we think that if we look around we might be able to do pretty well for ourselves. It is not going to be terribly easy for us to strike the perfect balance, but we figure that we can just figure it out as carefully as we are able. We had thought about finding a couple of other couples to split expenses with us and maybe rent one of those villas. It is pretty surprising what you can get if you have enough people to divide the cost.

Trusting Corporate Cab Services in Mumbai

One of the things I like a lot about international business travel is not having to drive myself around. When I travel in the states I have to do it myself. My employer prefers to have its employees be taken from place to place while visiting in other countries rather than have them drive themselves. I would say one of my favorite providers of this service is a company that provides corporate cab services in mumbai. They are easy to deal with, and they get me to where I am going and back again without issues.

It is easy to get lost in a new city even if you have been there lots of times. These modern cities are perpetually under construction. Roads change as well as the landmarks you get used to. If you are in the city most every day year round, it is easy to adjust to the changes. Flying into Mumbai on business a couple of times a year is not enough to keep track of all of the new things. Continue reading

Taking Advantage of Spain Holidays Brought Us Back to Our Roots

You could live in what other people around the world consider to be a paradise, but you will sooner or later want to take a holiday to some other part of the world. I think it is just the nature of us as people. We want to see new things. We want to experience new things. This is why my wife and I were talking about spain holidays a few months ago. We do not have much of a winter here where we are at, and we have the beaches and the water. However, we wanted to go and see the land of our parents and grandparents who came here from Spain.

We had a tremendous time on our holiday visit to Spain. We got to experience a new culture in another part of the world. Continue reading

Brisbane is Absolutely Stunning Year Round

I was looking at the different things that there are to do in Brisbane while we were going to be visiting there next year. It was going to be a lot of fun for us to go to and I could not wait to see all of the tropical gardens that were in country. I knew that the gastehuis in pretoria was going to be amazing to see and I could not wait until I was going to be able to go there and spend a lot of time with the different people in the area as I heard that they are very warm and caring.

Using a Car Service for Transportation and Sightseeing

Detailed Sunshine Coast mapAfter a quick holiday in Australia last year, I was ready to return. I booked my flight and was able to score an amazing price. My next step in finalizing this trip would be to book airport transportation. I went to to book a luxury vehicle. Based on my experience during my last trip, this was a great service to utilize. Someone actually came inside the airport to greet me and helped me pick up my luggage. I’m really glad that I didn’t have to try and carry it all by myself.

As I think back to my last trip, I remember being impressed by the vehicle that picked me up. To call it a luxury vehicle is an understatement. Their service made me feel like a celebrity. I had never been treated so well. That’s one of the reasons that I decided to book with them once again.

Great Prices on Limos Near Toronto

Limousine Service - Limousine services for all occasions | Toronto ...There are a couple potential investors coming into town for a presentation that I am going to be giving about my company. I am really trying to convince these people that they should invest in my company, and I think that one of the best ways to try to do that, would be to take them for a night out on the town. In order to really make the night special, I think that I need to look into toronto limo rentals. I do not want to appear cheap, and renting a limo, is definitely a way to show respect to investors.

It would mean so much for my company if these investors were to invest significant amounts of money in the company. It would mean that the expansion of the company, which I have been planning for quite awhile, would be able to happen a lot sooner than would be possible otherwise.

Romantic Tours for St. Thomas Island

I am finally going to get to go on a dream vacation with my wife. Unfortunately, it is not really for any special occasion, due to conflicts with our work schedules. We have been trying to plan a vacation during our wedding anniversary for years, but it has never worked out right. It is unfortunate, but we just decided to go on a vacation whenever we could make it work, instead of waiting to go on one for our anniversary. Anyway, right now, I need to look into st thomas tours because we have decided to go to St.

Making Most of the Cruise

My husband has been trying to get me to go on a cruise for years. I told him that I was afraid of getting sea sick. Every single time that I go on a boat I get sick, why would I want to spend my vacation feeling that way? I was afraid that there were going to be a lot of days where I did not want to do anything but I got something to put behind my ears from my doctor so it would not be so bad. I knew we had to book a st thomas taxi as that was one of the ports where we were going to be stopping to dock. There are a lot of things that we want to do on the island and because we have to be back on to the boat within a certain amount of time, we knew that we were going to have to get a taxi to take us to the first place that we want to go since it is so far away from the port.

I like to plan things in advance and I really think that it is really important when taking a vacation that I plan out what I am going to be doing. I like to rest and relax but when I am on the cruise boat that is when I will rest and relax. The best thing to do is to actually plan the things that you do when you land in a port. There are so many islands that we are going to be able to go and see, I am so happy that I will be able to see a lot of things like fire dancers and gorgeous beaches, I want to be sure that I see it all.

Getting More Info on Car Hires at Aberdeen Airport


I am flying out in a few days, so I looked to find more info about hiring a specific type of car from the Aberdeen Airport. I like to have all my ducks in a row when I have to travel for business. I really do not like it in the first place, so if I have to do it, I want it to go smoothly. One thing that really ruins the trip is having difficulty hiring the type of car I need at the destination.

I work for a fossil fuel exploration company, and I need a sturdy SUV for some trips. On other trips I need a luxury sedan due to having to take a VIP with me wherever I go. When I schedule with a car hire agency, I do not want any substitutions when I arrive to pick up my car. On one occasion I was offered an upgrade to a very nice sedan, but I needed an SUV. That was no help thus making me very aggravated. Continue reading

Ways to Know the PNR Status of Your Train Ticket

India is one of the fastest developing economies on the planet. As far as the rate of the country’s development is concerned, only China is ahead of them. This emerging power house in Asia offers you vast potential to visit, invest in business activities and engage in cultural activities here. The number of tourists visiting India is increasing at a steady rate. You can travel around the country in train, bus, car or flight.

Indian Railways is the operator of train services in the country. The network covers almost all parts of the country. pnr status of your train ticket lets you know if your travel is confirmed, on a waiting list etc. If you want to travel around India at very reasonable rates, Indian railways is your best bet.

Our Second Honeymoon in the Same Location

When my husband told me to find a lovely maldives holiday resort for the two of us, I got pretty excited. We had been wanting to go on holiday for several months, but something kept coming up with either his work or mine. I did not hesitate to start looking for the perfect holiday resort, because I wanted to get it booked before something else came along to stop it from happening. I already knew that we wanted to go to Bandos Island, because that is where we had honeymooned 20 years ago.

I knew that it would be different and since it held so many wonderful memories for us, we wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the same area. We had quite a few options to choose from too as far as our lodging was concerned. Though I did not want one of the standard rooms, even they were nice with all of their amenities. I had been waiting too long for this holiday to happen, so I wanted to have special accommodations. The deluxe rooms were similar to the standard with the exception of having partitioned rooms. Continue reading

A Beautiful Vacation to Paris

Last month, I took my very first trip outside of the United States and visited France for nearly the entire month. It was an incredible trip, I never imagined how beautiful the country side would be – I have that naive, American perspective of what ‘country’ is and unfortunately it has negative associations. France changed my mine, even Paris! Paris was where I got to first try a taxi moto paris which was a lot of fun. Paris itself is a beautiful city just steeped within a deep and complex history. That’s what I found most fascinating about the experience; the great, rich history that fills the country and Paris. I can see now why there is the word “Parisian”, they really are separate from the rest of the country and embody a different class of individuals entirely. They have their own unique culture that some find rather arrogant – it is said that some Japanese tourists will often experience overwhelming anxiety when having to deal with some of the citizens. Shocking, but true.

There is a serious level of arrogance found in their population but I cannot imagine my entire city being one big tourist attraction – mostly due to the Eiffel Tower, which I do not think the average citizen finds beautiful in any way. It might represent the history of the city itself, it is still a rather ugly structure that is often touted as the wonder of Paris. Perhaps, then, the “Parisians” feel slighted that something so ugly could ever popular embody their city. I found the Louvre to much more beautiful, not even to mention the architecture of the city and its building. It’s an incredibly beautiful, nearly esoteric style of architecture that escapes proper description. I wish we had something similar back home, there is nothing else like it.

We Are Going to Tinos for Our Anniversary

My husband loves to surprise me with random trips, and that is just what he did when he told me we were going to spend four days in Greece. He had reserved us a room at tinos Island, and gave me a link so I could see pictures of where we were going to spend our ninth wedding anniversary. The hotel room itself is gorgeous, and I am looking forward to having an intimate dinner with my husband on our balcony. It overlooks the sea, and I know that a sunset meal will be part of his plans for the day of our actual anniversary.

Another nice thing about the hotel is that there is a spa located there too.

Tinos: Where to Stay on a Mediterranean Island

Tinos is a Greek island known best to Orthodox and Roman Catholic pilgrims. What many tourists don’t know about this treasure of Greece are the 40 traditional villages and beautiful beaches. Home to the Sanctuary of Poseidon and several museums, Tinos has many fine accommodations.

When looking for tinos accommodation, there are over 20 hotels to choose from on the island and all are very affordable. The accommodations are concentrated on the southern end of the island. The most popular place to stay is Vega Apartments in Tinos Town. The hotel scores high by reviewers in every aspect. The service, food, design, and views are top notch. A very close second favorite of tourists is the Porto Raphael Hotel. The secluded location on the beach is a nice respite.

If you want to stay a little further in town, you can’t beat the Vincenzo Family Hotel. The friendly staff will make you feel at home. Back near the water, you can’t miss with the Agali Bay Hotel. The center of Tinos is only a 10 minute walk away! The Akti Aegeou is located on the Beach of Laouti and an excellent choice for a family beach vacation.

The best value hotel is the Poseidonio Hotel with a stunning viewe of the harbor. For a romantic getaway, traveler preferences in order of popularity were: Vega Apartments, Anthia Hotel, Porto Raphael Hotel, Agali Bay Hotel, and the Tinion Hotel. The three best beach hotels are the Porto Raphael Hotel, Akti Aegeou, and Poseidonio Hotel.

It is difficult not to have a good time in a Mediterranean island paradise where the sun always shines. There is much to do. If you want to take up diving, head over to the Paesino Diving Center. The general perception of Tinos is the people are friendly, the food good and healthy, and there is plenty to stimulate the mind, body, and soul.

Traveling to Greece: What You Need to Know

If you are planning a trip to archanes, or another area of Greece, you are likely quite excited about your upcoming vacation to a heraklion villa. However, as with any trip to another country, you need to prepare well for your journey to make the most of your time there. The following tips will help you out.

Try to book your flight well in advance of your actual trip. You will save money this way, as seats will be much less expensive. However, remember that canceling your flight if something comes up may not be that easy and could cost you a fee. Therefore, be very sure about your dates when you book. In addition, if possible, book during a time when airlines are offering discounts. Typically, this occurs in the colder months, like January, so keep your eyes open and constantly search for any deals.

Travel with some cash on your person, but keep in mind that there are plenty of ATM’s in Greece. In general, it is a good idea to pay in cash when you are in a store or a restaurant, because you might get a slight discount. Always ask if there is a price difference between using your credit card or paying in cash.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to visit too many islands. Remember that travel time, including waiting around for ferries, can get cumbersome. Pick two or three destinations that you want to see the most and stick with those. A cruise is a better option for people who simply want to get a small taste of several islands.

Finally, most people in Greece can speak English. Therefore, do not worry too much about a language barrier. If you have trouble communicating with someone, there is likely to be another individual close by that can help you.

We Finally Went on a Cruise

My husband and I wanted to do something really special for our anniversary. It was the first time that we did not have any kids at home, so we were able to do more than just a nice dinner out. My husband asked me what I thought about Cruise Holidays, and I could only smile. We had talked about going on a cruise since before we were even married. We decided for our 25th wedding anniversary, we were finally going to do it. We looked at the different cruises we could go on and quickly decided that the destination really didn’t matter to us.

The more we read about the activities that the actual cruise ship had, the more we realized that we were going to have the most fun right there on the ship.

Pleasantly Surprised by the Beauty of Brisbane

Last year I attended a convention in Madison Wisconsin. While I was there I was introduced to a young man from Brisbane Australia. His name was Eric. He was an extremely bright young man, who had a lot of ideas connected to the future of telecom, and communications. He was at the time making a decent amount of money from a twin peak profits bonus, and talked a lot about some of the ideas that he had regarding marketing connected to the viral videos on the Internet. Some of his ideas seemed plausible, but a few of them seemed like they might be a tad bit far-fetched.

Last month, my wife and I received an invitation from Eric to come and visit him in Brisbane Australia. Now the truth of the matter is we had never ever thought about going to Australia . Our entire impression of the country was based on movies that we have seen, and caricatures of Australians that we have seen either on television or in movies. Honestly, we expected to be visiting a place that was an open wasteland, full of kangaroos and wallabies.

We were pleasantly surprised when we landed, by the beauty of the place. Individuals who live in Brisbane, have the good fortune to live in a beautiful area that is basically a tropical paradise. In doing our research about the place before we visited there, my wife and I learned that Brisbane is a place where tourists like to visit with frequency. There are multiple things that attract people to this beautiful area. One is the natural splendor of the area. The second are all of the interesting monuments and buildings connected to the history of Australia that are all around the city of Brisbane.

The business proposition that Eric had was not one that my wife and I were interested in at the time. However, we did not feel that the trip was a loss because we were able to explore a part of the world that we probably would not have visited otherwise.

Seeking Information on Tours of Romania

I am thinking about taking a trip to Romania in the near future, because a lot of my family is from Romania, and I would like to get in touch with my heritage at some point in the future. I must admit that I know very little about Romania and its culture and history. That is a fact that saddens me, as I would like to know more about my heritage. Right now, I am looking for information on romania tours by balkan trails right now to see if that would be a good option for me.

I would really like to be able to get out and see Romania, but I am not sure when the best time of year would be to go take a trip to the country. I guess I need to consider my finances carefully to see how much I can afford to spend on a European vacation at this point in time.