Residents of Brisbane are fortunate to live in such beautiful semi-tropical surroundings. Adding to nature’s grandeur are the many heritage and historical buildings and places found in and around Brisbane.

The story of Brisbane is a journey of discovery. Brisbane’s Living Heritage Network aims to make your Brisbane heritage experience one to remember. Each of the Network sites, adds a special chapter to Brisbane’s story. Each in turn marks a special milestone on the journey. The information offered here gives only a brief snapshot of the experiences to be had, the real experience begins once you find yourself at a site, exploring the history, enjoying our heritage.

Brisbane’s heritage brings to life the people, their stories, the successes and the heartbreaks of the generations who lived their lives between the d’Aguilar Ranges and Moreton Bay, in what has now become a vibrant, metropolitan city. Take the time to embrace the living heritage of Brisbane and its people. Most of all, enjoy your Brisbane experience.

Brisbane’s Living Heritage Network
Brisbane’s Living Heritage Network is an alliance of more than 65 heritage sites and museums engaged in the preservation and interpretation of…
Brisbane’s Living Heritage – at a glance
living – adjective – in actual existence or use. heritage – noun – the culture, traditions and assets preserved from one generation to…
Location Map
Brisbane’s Living Heritage locations have been divided into three main areas to help you easily find a location and plan a trip.