Being in Aspen Together is Amazing

I was looking at luxury cabin rentals in Aspen for my husband and I, but I came across something that changed my mind on our private getaway. I originally was just looking for a one bedroom cabin for the two of us for a weekend, but then I decided to involve the entire family. When I say entire, I mean the two of us, our two kids, my parents, his parents, my sister and her husband and daughter, and his sister and her husband and son. Altogether, there was 15 of us, so I was not sure if it was even possible for us all to make plans to go there together.

What made me think of this was the six bedroom rental I found. It is usually rented separately, but we could rent the entire rental just for us. Each of us adults would have a bedroom of our own, and the four kids would have the other bedroom. They all get along really well, so I knew that it would an adventure to them. I wasn’t sure who would enjoy the arcade size video games there more, them or us adults!

The view from any window or balcony is gorgeous, and we would only be minutes away from the best skiing in the country. For those who don’t want to ski, downtown Aspen offers so much to do too. When I presented the idea to everyone, we all said we would make it work, and we did! That was one of the best vacations I have ever been on, and I want to do something like this every year with as many of us as possible. Everyone is on board with this idea too having done this group vacation in Aspen, and we are already talking about where to go next year!