Looking for the Best Cruiser for Traveling Coastal Waters and Rivers

We were looking for a boat that could navigate our river system all the way down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. From there we were going to navigate the coastal and intracoastal waterways of Florida to get over to the eastern seaboard. From our back yard where the river is at, you can navigate about 25,000 miles of waterways. This includes canal access from the rivers into the Great Lakes now. We were shopping for power boats for sale to fit our needs.

We wanted a cruiser with separate cabins for guests. We needed a large galley and a fully enclosed saloon for entertaining. We also wanted a large swim deck and a fly deck. We did not plan any offshore travel in our new boat, but we did want to be able to roam about close to the bluewater edges. However, we had to keep in mind that our boat needed to navigate river systems as well. We would need to be at least able to get up and down rivers where there is tug and barge traffic to get us to our back yard.

We have been using power boats on the river for years. We have never went as far as the water will take us, and that is why we are looking for a much bigger and capable power boat. Something with duel engines, a sturdy hull and lots of luxury touches. We have a budget, but we know that such a cruiser is not going to come cheap. We have been really interested in the modern luxury trawlers. They have everything we want and more. Now it is just a matter of deciding on new or used. We can get a lot more features in a used model for our budget, and we can even get a bigger vessel. However, the lure of a maiden voyage in a brand new boat is alluring as well.