Vacationing in Niseko and Exploring Hokkaido

When on vacation in Niseko on Japan’s northern Hokkaido Island, many are there to ski or snowboard. The area is well known for its many ski resorts featuring thrilling slopes and runs for both beginners and experienced skiers. While some on vacation are more than happy to spend their entire time skiing and snowboarding and taking in the restaurants and atmosphere of the resorts, others may want to take Niseko day trips to nearby towns in Hokkaido to experience a wider variety of the Japanese culture offered throughout the region.

While vacationing in Niseko, vacationers can decide how they want to spend their time. There are ski and snowboard lessons available for both kids and adults for anyone who is not confident out on the slopes. If staying at one of the resorts, but interested in seeing what the others have to offer, there are tours available to visit the other resorts in Niseko. With a variety of ski runs as well as a bevy of restaurants, taking a tour of other resorts is a great way to stick to a ski or snowboard only vacation, but not getting bored after a few days.

Those wishing to broaden their vacation to include more of Hokkaido can consider taking multi day trips exploring nearby towns and regions. Visiting Mt. Asahidake, the tallest mountain in Hokkaido and the volcanic Lake Toya are great options for many. For a completely different feel, take a day to visit Sapporo, Japan’s fifth largest city. Or visit the nearby port town of Otaru, famous for glass works, sake distilleries, and music boxes. Otaru is also home to a wonderful sushi restaurants that welcomes visitors. Niseko on its own is a great place to vacation for skiers and snowboarders. When considering what else the region has to offer and how close they are, Niseko becomes an ideal vacation destination for anyone looking to explore all Hokkaido has to offer.