Celebrating My Freedom with Friends

When my wife left me for another man, I could have never imagined the pain that I would feel. I was miserable for weeks, trying to even understand what was happening in my life. My best friend finally snapped me out of it though, and I realized that I was mourning for a woman who betrayed me. I was angry, disappointed, hurt, and bitter, but then I was happy. I realized I was starting with a clean slate. That is when I decided to rent a Diamond limo party bus.

What was the occasion? There wasn’t one. Why did I do this? Simply because I could. I felt a freedom that I hadn’t experienced since I had started dating my ex. Those around me saw how she was changing me, and I was finally seeing it too. I wanted to have fun, and I decided the best way to do that was by having a party for my closest friends. Well, I did include my brothers, some cousins, and a few guys from work too. When I was done adding to the list, there were 24 names on it. Diamond Limo has an impressive fleet of limos, and there was a few that would fit my needs for this small gathering.

I called it my re-emergence party, and everyone I invited cleared their schedules for that night. We met at my house, and the party bus picked us up after having a barbecue. We didn’t have a destination really, so the driver just drove us around the city to see if anything captured our eyes. We did make a few stops, but we mostly just enjoyed the amenities of the party bus, which were plentiful. Being around people who truly care for me made me realize just how bright my future really is.