We’re Getting Married in Style

I was never one of those girls that planned out her future wedding. I don’t think I thought about marriage at all as a child or young adult, my passion was always music and it always came first. So when my boyfriend of four years asked me to marry him, I was of course thrilled but also a little terrified. I didn’t know anything about weddings. Lucky for me I had an amazing man to help me plan. We decided to go nontraditional, our bridal party would show up in a bunch of party buses in Toronto. His tuxedo and my dress would both me a deep lavender. I would walk down the aisle to all the single ladies after which, he would put a ring on it.

We got some aghast looks from older relatives when we told them our plans. My elderly aunt even compared our nuptials to a sideshow. The thing is though, we are kind of a side show in our own way so that sort of works. We decided to have a live band at our wedding because we are both working musicians and we could not bear the thought of having some tired disc jockey spinning hits from the last thirty years like you hear at most weddings.

The big day came and despite all the careful planning and being with the best man in the world, I was still a nervous wreck. What if we were making fools of ourselves? What if the party buses broke down or it started down-pouring on our way into the church? I guess those are the pre-wedding jitters that everyone talks about. In the end it all went off without a hitch. Everything went exactly according to plan, we got lots of compliments for thinking outside the box and best of all we committed to being with each other forever.