A Relaxing Ride in the Back Seat

Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a little reward. Some people like to spend a weekend at the spa, getting a full body massage and sitting in the sauna. Others like to take a vacation in a far off place. For me, my reward comes in the form of a limo ride. There is a company that can rent a limo for Toronto residents and whenever I feel like treating myself, I rent one and just ride around in it. I don’t really have a particular destination in mind, I just want to sit back and relax in the back of the limo.

To me, riding in the limo is like riding on a cloud made of leather. Since someone else is driving, I don’t have to focus on the other drivers or any traffic problems. If I get stuck in traffic, it doesn’t matter, because that’s just more time for me to relax on the leather seats. The windows in the limo are tinted, so no one can see who is on the inside. Sometimes people think there is a famous person riding in the limo and they take out their phones to take a picture as it drives by.

Someone suggested that I simply save my money and buy a limo since I like riding around in them so much. While it would be nice to have my own limo, without a driver, I would have to be the one driving it around, which isn’t as fun. The main appeal of being in a limo is that someone else is driving you around. If I have to do my own driving, I might as well be sitting in my own car. I could probably hire someone to be a permanent driver, but that would be too costly, and they would have to come to my home every day.