The Perfect Ride for My Sister’s Wedding Day

When my sister told me that she was getting a party bus for her wedding party, I wasn’t sure why. I knew that we all had to get from the church to the reception site with a couple of stops in between, but I had just figured we would all drive our own selves there. She told me that she had looked at a Platinum party bus in Toronto after seeing one pass her on the street, and she was really happy for that chance encounter with it. Otherwise, she never would have looked and realized just how nice they are.

When she first told me a bus, I thought that she was talking about a bus like kids take to school. I figured it would look a little different on the outside, but a bus really cannot change how it looks on the inside by much. I have ridden on enough different ones to know just how true that statement is. What I was not counting on was having a limo company design a bus in the most luxurious way possible. When she showed me the inside of one of the party buses that she was getting, I could see why she wanted to have this on her wedding day.

The inside is just amazing. The seats are all around the bus, rather than in rows facing just one direction. Also, the seats are not the cracked plastic that I am used to. They are extremely luxurious and leather, and they look gorgeous. There is a bar all around the bus as well, and the standing room in there is just amazing too. Not only can I understand why my sister wants one for her wedding, but I am going to have one for mine too, just as soon as I find the guy I want to marry!