Started to Think About Our Holiday Plans

I am not sure how practical an idea this is, but Leigh and I have been thinking about taking about three weeks this year and going on an extended holiday. Of course we have been going on vacation for years and usually it is some place relatively close. Last year we went to Canada, did a week in the Pacific Northwest part of Canada, took a scenic rail trip. This year we are thinking about something epic. This friend of mine showed me some pictures from a place called Queenstone Lodge, this it here Of course the thing is that this would be a major expedition, because that place is in New Zealand and it is going to take a whole lot of time and money just to get over there and then to get back. It definitely would be silly to take the trip and then rush back in no time. If we were going to do it we would have to make it into an extended vacation.

Of course the cost is going to be significant. You are talking about two plane tickets to New Zealand and obviously two tickets back home. It would be a good flight just to get to the West Coast. You would likely fly from Los Angeles International to Wellington or Auckland, I am not sure which one you would go. It probably makes very little difference. This flight is going to take a half of a day to do as well. Of course I am not all that great of a flier. It is not like I am one of those people who needs to get smashed to fly, but I do not always enjoy the journey as much as I might like to. I have a tendency to get some motion sickness.