Started Traveling a Lot More Lately

It is not as though I am a global traveler now, but I have definitely become a lot more of a vagabond since I started my new job. I have a territory and it covers all of the New England area. I have to get a passport as they are going to send me across the border on occasion. I am not sure that you need it if you just go across the border every now and then, but I am going to be crossing back and forth, so it is going to be a lot better if I make that go away. It is going to be easy enough. You just have to figure out where you go to get the passport. It is going to be a nuisance to have to cross the border in some places, but you can apparently do it with very little trouble in other places.

I was in Vermont last week and I had no idea I was on the other side of the border until I stopped to get gas at this little place. Of course I was thrown off by the prices and did not realize that they were in Canadian dollars and not in US dollars. Of course in these little border towns no one gets too excited about people crossing back and forth. They probably do not have much idea which side of the border they are on in these little places all of the time. Of course they probably have a bit of smuggling going on as well, because it is going to be pretty easy to get stuff across the border. I saw some college kids crossing the border to buy beer and that is probably quite common from what I could tell, the age being different.