Looking into a Safari Trip This Summer

Of course I actually think it would be Winter in the Southern Hemisphere from what they say, but I believe the weather is usually pretty warm down in South Africa all year around. I do not know what the temperature variation is down there, but it seems like the hot season would be what you would want to avoid. I was checking out the price of an accommodation in Hoedspruit, which seems to be one of the better places to stay from what research I have done into the topic. The big thing we are thinking about is the actual getting there. It is not clear how you would do it, but it would obviously take a long time to fly all the way over there and I am sure that it would be quite expensive no matter what. If you are going to be on a plane for this length of time you are not going to want to be jammed in like a sardine.

Of course I get on planes between Washington, DC and New York City. That is a virtual hop compared to really long flights. In this case we would start out in Northern Virginia and probably fly out of Dulles unless there was some great reason to go to another point of exit. I am not sure whether you would fly South, maybe stop in Miami and then go East, or just start out by crossing the Atlantic to London. That would be the long way around, but it is much more heavily traveled air route and it might be easier to get to South Africa if you went some place like Spain first. That would be a more logical route than going through the UK. In all likelihood it is going to take a day and a half to get there.