Pricing out a Big Holiday Trip

Of course like every other person I have a budget for every thing that I do, although I usually sort of figure stuff out on the fly. In this case I am going to have to sit down and do the math, because it is going to be a pretty fair chore to arrange this trip and it is not as though I want to make a mess of it. I have been looking at the cost of holiday houses in NZ and the cost of the air fare from here to there. Of course both of those things are very important and you have to look at the time involved as well. First you have to get to Los Angeles, which is not a short trip from here in North Carolina. In fact I was not sure at first that you would not go East first. I really was not sure if would have been quicker to fly that way.

At any rate once you got to Los Angeles you are looking at a very very long time stuck in an airplane. It seems as though they probably give you a bit of space on this sort of flight. I know that you do not want to be stuck in some tiny space like you have on a lot of planes over a fourteen hour long flight. In fact you are going to want to be able to get up and stroll around on occasion I am sure and you will want to stretch out. I have not found the exact price of all of this, but it is going to be quite expensive. My guess is that the total cost of the air travel for two people would be in the area of three thousand dollars, then you have to pay for the actual holiday.