Getting More Info on Car Hires at Aberdeen Airport

I am flying out in a few days, so I looked to find more info about hiring a specific type of car from the Aberdeen Airport. I like to have all my ducks in a row when I have to travel for business. I really do not like it in the first place, so if I have to do it, I want it to go smoothly. One thing that really ruins the trip is having difficulty hiring the type of car I need at the destination.

I work for a fossil fuel exploration company, and I need a sturdy SUV for some trips. On other trips I need a luxury sedan due to having to take a VIP with me wherever I go. When I schedule with a car hire agency, I do not want any substitutions when I arrive to pick up my car. On one occasion I was offered an upgrade to a very nice sedan, but I needed an SUV. That was no help thus making me very aggravated. Now I stick with a car hire agency I know always performs well for me. No more last minute substitutions, or worse yet, not having anything I can use.

I also like to schedule online without having to speak to an agent. I want the whole process to go smoothly from choosing the vehicle to paying by credit card. Then I do not want to have to go through a tedious process once I get to the airport. I want to get the keys and go as quickly as possible. There is only one agency for hiring a car that I am familiar with that provides me all of those services without fail. They make my business trips go all that much smoother. I tell them how I wish they would run the hotel booking too because that is a whole other thing I have to deal with.