Celebrating My Freedom with Friends

When my wife left me for another man, I could have never imagined the pain that I would feel. I was miserable for weeks, trying to even understand what was happening in my life. My best friend finally snapped me out of it though, and I realized that I was mourning for a woman who betrayed me. I was angry, disappointed, hurt, and bitter, but then I was happy. I realized I was starting with a clean slate. That is when I decided to rent a Diamond limo party bus.

What was the occasion? There wasn’t one. Why did I do this? Simply because I could. I felt a freedom that I hadn’t experienced since I had started dating my ex. Those around me saw how she was changing me, and I was finally seeing it too. Continue reading

We’re Getting Married in Style

I was never one of those girls that planned out her future wedding. I don’t think I thought about marriage at all as a child or young adult, my passion was always music and it always came first. So when my boyfriend of four years asked me to marry him, I was of course thrilled but also a little terrified. I didn’t know anything about weddings. Lucky for me I had an amazing man to help me plan. We decided to go nontraditional, our bridal party would show up in a bunch of party buses in Toronto. His tuxedo and my dress would both me a deep lavender. I would walk down the aisle to all the single ladies after which, he would put a ring on it.

We got some aghast looks from older relatives when we told them our plans. My elderly aunt even compared our nuptials to a sideshow. The thing is though, we are kind of a side show in our own way so that sort of works. Continue reading

A Relaxing Ride in the Back Seat

Sometimes it’s nice to give yourself a little reward. Some people like to spend a weekend at the spa, getting a full body massage and sitting in the sauna. Others like to take a vacation in a far off place. For me, my reward comes in the form of a limo ride. There is a company that can rent a limo for Toronto residents and whenever I feel like treating myself, I rent one and just ride around in it. I don’t really have a particular destination in mind, I just want to sit back and relax in the back of the limo.

To me, riding in the limo is like riding on a cloud made of leather. Continue reading

Working on a Budget for a Party

The wedding is not until next spring, but Mike’s friends have already started talking about the bachelor party. We started to work on the process this morning, there are four of us on the committee and we are working to figure out how best to employ the budget that we have. I went to the web page of a place called Platinum Party Buses where they let you view our site for party buses and you can get an idea of what they can offer you. Basically they can rent you a party bus with a capacity from thirty five to fifty people. Obviously they have a bunch of limousines and limo vans as well, so if you want to use any combination of them that can be arranged. Continue reading

What Can You Use a Party Bus for Other Than Parties?

Groups of people that need to get from Point A to Point B can’t go wrong when a Toronto party bus rental is involved. This is the classy way to get around. Regular limos are super nice. Party buses add a few more “supers” to the nice. You do not have to crawl in and out of them. Therefore, your party clothes, tuxes or gowns do not get wrinkled and ruffled. You also have plenty of legroom in a party bus. No cramped close-quarter feelings either. A party bus is open and inviting. Sure, a limo is great for an intimate ride with your love, but a party bus is what you want when there is a group.

Party buses can be small, medium and large. You can fit upwards of 50 or 60 people in the big ones. Continue reading

Other Good Reasons Why Renting a Party Bus for a Wedding is a Good Idea

Safety in transporting party-goers is paramount. Many parties involve the serving of alcohol. Having a professional driver at the helm is much better than just relying on a designated driver. In my own personal experience I have had a designated driver fail to remain sober. It was when my wife and I got married. The best man was supposed to drive us to the hotel after the reception. He was intoxicated before a couple of hours went by. I stopped drinking years ago, but I do recommend a party bus rental for Toronto for anyone who will be having a wedding party imbibe.

Also, a party bus is a big vehicle built on a truck chassis. It is solid and heavy. Simple laws of physics tell me that is a good thing when out on the road. Having mass on your side if an accident were to occur is a good thing. Continue reading

The Perfect Ride for My Sister’s Wedding Day


When my sister told me that she was getting a party bus for her wedding party, I wasn’t sure why. I knew that we all had to get from the church to the reception site with a couple of stops in between, but I had just figured we would all drive our own selves there. She told me that she had looked at a Platinum party bus in Toronto after seeing one pass her on the street, and she was really happy for that chance encounter with it. Otherwise, she never would have looked and realized just how nice they are.

When she first told me a bus, I thought that she was talking about a bus like kids take to school. I figured it would look a little different on the outside, but a bus really cannot change how it looks on the inside by much. I have ridden on enough different ones to know just how true that statement is. Continue reading