A Relaxing Time in Ottawa


I hate traveling on public transportation. It’s like being crammed in to a can like a sardine. People always try to bother you on the train. One guy tried to sell me some cheap headphones once while I was riding. I don’t know where he got the headphones, or if they had been stolen, but I wasn’t about to buy any. A few months ago, I took a trip to Ottawa by car and my car broke down once I got into town. Rather than taking public transportation, I rented a limousine in Ottawa that would take me wherever I wanted to go.

My family asked me why I didn’t just rent a regular car instead of a limousine. A car would have been the more economical choice, but it wouldn’t have felt as good. I was taking the trip as a personal vacation, so I wanted to feel as relaxed as possible. The limo really made me fell as if I was getting away from everything, and made me forget all about my car that had broken down. Continue reading