Choosing to Travel by Greyhound Bus Across Country

I go every year across the country to visit relatives. On my vacation I take the bus to see the countryside. I could fly out, but I like going by bus. I also save a lot by booking in advance and using promo codes for Greyhound Bus Lines that I find online. I go from one coast to the other one. Sure, it takes a couple of days of traveling, but I like it. I actually book the longest routes I can take while still saving money. A lot of times you can save more by being routed indirectly. I don’t mind that. I am looking to do more sightseeing.

I schedule stops where I can rent a cheap place to stay. I will explore a town or city I have never seen. Sometimes it takes me a few days to get to my relatives. I usually stay for a few days and head back toward home. The return leg is often longer than my trip out. I plan it that way. Continue reading