Going to Take the Winter off

It was merely happenstance. I needed a girlfriend or I wanted a girlfriend. The old one dumped, although the blame was entirely my own. At least she says that I was looking at other girls, which I probably was being that I am a man. That caused her to fly into a rage. Apparently one of her friends was quite happy to see this it seemed. A few days later she ran into me, at the place where you would run into me easily, the school library. She asked me what I thought about holidays in spain, which is something I had not really thought too much about. Continue reading

Started Planning Our Next Vacation

Of course we have a general idea of what we are going to do, but specific agreement is a long way off at this point. It appears that we might go to Paros in the Cyclades Islands, because that is a good compromise. Ann Marie will do her yoga in greece and I will get to do some scuba diving. Of course the two of us will have to decide whether or not there will be more to it. If we go to Greece and the Greek Isles it will probably be for around three weeks or maybe even a month. We have no one holding us back and we have saved up enough money for traveling. It is just a matter of deciding how to go about it. Of course we are thinking about all of the variables and how it is going to be done.

It is going to cost us a fair amount of money, that much is obvious. However it is not going to be anything luxurious. We figure that it is nice and warm there, but we should be able to make do by renting a little cottage and maybe a couple of Vespas, those little motor scooters that you see. We will not be renting a villa or anything like that, although we think that if we look around we might be able to do pretty well for ourselves. It is not going to be terribly easy for us to strike the perfect balance, but we figure that we can just figure it out as carefully as we are able. We had thought about finding a couple of other couples to split expenses with us and maybe rent one of those villas. It is pretty surprising what you can get if you have enough people to divide the cost.