Our Second Honeymoon in the Same Location

When my husband told me to find a lovely maldives holiday resort for the two of us, I got pretty excited. We had been wanting to go on holiday for several months, but something kept coming up with either his work or mine. I did not hesitate to start looking for the perfect holiday resort, because I wanted to get it booked before something else came along to stop it from happening. I already knew that we wanted to go to Bandos Island, because that is where we had honeymooned 20 years ago.

I knew that it would be different and since it held so many wonderful memories for us, we wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary in the same area. We had quite a few options to choose from too as far as our lodging was concerned. Though I did not want one of the standard rooms, even they were nice with all of their amenities. I had been waiting too long for this holiday to happen, so I wanted to have special accommodations. The deluxe rooms were similar to the standard with the exception of having partitioned rooms. Continue reading