A Beautiful Vacation to Paris

Last month, I took my very first trip outside of the United States and visited France for nearly the entire month. It was an incredible trip, I never imagined how beautiful the country side would be – I have that naive, American perspective of what ‘country’ is and unfortunately it has negative associations. France changed my mine, even Paris! Paris was where I got to first try a taxi moto paris which was a lot of fun. Paris itself is a beautiful city just steeped within a deep and complex history. That’s what I found most fascinating about the experience; the great, rich history that fills the country and Paris. I can see now why there is the word “Parisian”, they really are separate from the rest of the country and embody a different class of individuals entirely. They have their own unique culture that some find rather arrogant – it is said that some Japanese tourists will often experience overwhelming anxiety when having to deal with some of the citizens. Shocking, but true.

There is a serious level of arrogance found in their population but I cannot imagine my entire city being one big tourist attraction – mostly due to the Eiffel Tower, which I do not think the average citizen finds beautiful in any way. It might represent the history of the city itself, it is still a rather ugly structure that is often touted as the wonder of Paris. Perhaps, then, the “Parisians” feel slighted that something so ugly could ever popular embody their city. I found the Louvre to much more beautiful, not even to mention the architecture of the city and its building. It’s an incredibly beautiful, nearly esoteric style of architecture that escapes proper description. I wish we had something similar back home, there is nothing else like it.