Attractions You Can’t Miss in Mallorca

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, you may be overwhelmed by all of the things to do there. From sightseeing opportunities to the best yacht charter that Mallorca has to offer, the possibilities are vast. This article will go over a few of the best options and help ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime.

Don’t miss checking out the Cabrera Marine National Park. It is not easy to get to, but the park itself is stunning. There is crystal clear blue water and amazing sea life, and you may get lucky enough to see a dolphin! The park is essentially a little island, which was once used in the Napoleonic Wars to house French prisoners. Keep in mind that if you want to dive, you have to get a license, which may not be something that you want to hassle with. You can also hike and visit a museum.

The Bellver castle is another must-see attraction. Its circular shape makes it unique, and the history involved with the facility is fascinating.